Bonsanto Wilson Show 29: Halloween, Allegiant Stadium, Marks Notes, Media Riff Raff


Bonsanto Wilson Show 29: Well friends in this episode of Bonsanto Wilson from Vegas, Nick Bonsanto and Mark "The Man" Wilson may leave you wondering if these guys ever ate paint chips as a kid. This episode starts with Halloween and ends with something that sounds like Foghorn Leghorn (we keep our shows numbered for just such an emergency). Nick let's you know why he thinks the naming of Allegiant Stadium was wrong for Vegas. Mark Has Mark's Notes and gives big props to the Yankee skipper and somehow Gisele Bundchen becomes very popular in this segment with her new nickname. Then as always Mark continue to try and send Nick packing in Media Riff Raff. I am certain that Nick offended a town in South Dakota in this one. 

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