Apr 19, 2021

CBB Classic Game 1993 NEC Championship Rider vs Wagner

Nick Bonsanto on play by play and Rich Weise as the analyst broadcast what many would say is the greatest game in Rider University (College at the time) MBB history. This 1993 NEC Championship game between Rider and Wagner captivated many in the basketball world and came down to the final shot. They thought this complete game tape was lost for good but it surfaced and Nick wanted to make it available to all. Thanks to the good folks at BWAmerica.com for allowing this to posted on their platform for all to hear this classic CBB game. Note that due to quality the pre and post game are not included in this recording. 

Aug 30, 2019

Bonsanto Wilson Show 31: CFB, Marks Notes, Media Riff Raff, Nick sings Engelbert

Bonsanto Wilson Show 31: Well you might say this episode goes a bit off the rails (In a good way). Nick Bonsanto and Mark "The Man" Wilson give you some opening week thoughts on the CFB season and pick their National Champions. You'll hear a few musical interludes in this show from every genre. As always there will be Mark's Notes with several topics he scribbled on a forest full of paper. Mark is also still trying to talk Nick into leaving Vegas by taking a new job with Media Riff Raff. Now make sure you listen until the VERY END because Nick will surprise you with his dulcet tones with a Engelbert classic. Well at least it was until he sang it. 

Aug 27, 2019

Bonsanto Wilson Show 30: Nick’s Facebook, Andrew Luck, Hard Knocks

Bonsanto Wilson Show 30: Broadcasting from the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas this is another jam packed edition of Bonsanto Wilson. Mark seems to find Nick's Facebook post's entertaining or maybe disturbing, we are not sure which and they dive in to Nick's most recent posts. This includes Nick singing in his car. BWAmerica is also always proud of the Blogs that Mark "The Man" Wilson and Nick Bonsanto write and they talk about Nick's latest blog on Andrew Luck and the future of the NFL. What is "Double E" again. Oh and Mark brings up hard Knocks and why Jon Gruden and the Raiders should be the permanent host of the HBO series. 

Aug 12, 2019

Bonsanto Wilson Show 29: Halloween, Allegiant Stadium, Marks Notes, Media Riff Raff

Bonsanto Wilson Show 29: Well friends in this episode of Bonsanto Wilson from Vegas, Nick Bonsanto and Mark "The Man" Wilson may leave you wondering if these guys ever ate paint chips as a kid. This episode starts with Halloween and ends with something that sounds like Foghorn Leghorn (we keep our shows numbered for just such an emergency). Nick let's you know why he thinks the naming of Allegiant Stadium was wrong for Vegas. Mark Has Mark's Notes and gives big props to the Yankee skipper and somehow Gisele Bundchen becomes very popular in this segment with her new nickname. Then as always Mark continue to try and send Nick packing in Media Riff Raff. I am certain that Nick offended a town in South Dakota in this one. 

Aug 9, 2019

Bonsanto Wilson Show 28: NFL RB, Castellanos, Vegas Roads and Grasshoppers, El Paso

Bonsanto Wilson Show 28: In this overflowing episode from Las Vegas Nick Bonsanto and Mark "The Man" Wilson tackle topics from Roads to Rings, NFL Running Backs to Grasshoppers, Nick Castellanos to Andy Ashby as well as the tragedy in El Paso and how it hit home for Nick. Nothing is ever off limits when Bonsanto Wilson turn on the microphones. Please note there is occasional language that you may not like the kiddos to hear. 

Jul 24, 2019

Bonsanto Wilson Show 27: Face App, Blanco Brown Git Up, NFL, Mark’s Notes, Media Riff Raff

Bonsanto Wilson Show 27: Make sure you have on your depends for this one because Nick and Mark laugh so hard in this episode leakage is possible. Ok, that's a little much but in this episode from the BWAmerica.com studios in Vegas Nick Bonsanto and Mark "The Man" Wilson talk about the Face App that is taking over Facebook and Mark thinks he looks like Clooney (what's he smoking). Nick explains the "Git Up" after meeting Blanco Brown to Mark. NFL Camps are opening. Mark's Notes are always interesting and in this edition of Media Riff Raff,  Nick goes off on Sturgeon Bay WI. Here they go again!

Jul 20, 2019

Bonsanto Wilson Show 26: Nick on game show, Redneck Yacht club, The Open, Media Days

Bonsanto Wilson Show 26: Ok friends this one from Vegas is packed full of laughs and more fun that burning Ants with a magnifying glass. Mark's says his Mom thought we never landed on the Moon.  Nick Bonsanto is going to be on a game show (Don't tell Amazon though, listen for why). Mark "The Man" Wilson talks about Lake Meade and somehow they take a left turn and join the Redneck Yacht Club. Tiger, Phil and the British Open. For good measure Nick and Mark talk CFB media days.  

Jul 15, 2019

Bonsanto Wilson Show 25: Don Nelson up in smoke, Raiders Stadium, Mark’s Notes and Media Riff Raff

Bonsanto Wilson Show 25: In this episode from Las Vegas Nick Bonsanto and Mark "The Man" Wilson talk about former NBA head coach Don Nelson who appears to have gone "Up in Smoke". They ask the magical question about Raiders Stadium, where will you park. There's more from Mark's Notes and of course Media Riff Raff. 

Jul 12, 2019

Bonsanto Wilson Show 24: Nick the soccer fan, Juiced Baseballs, Tropical storms and Earthquakes.

Bonsanto Wilson Show 24: In this episode from the currently not quaking city of Las Vegas Nick Bonsanto who may be soccer's biggest critic may have finally come around, thank you Megan Rapinoe. Mark "The Man" Wilson talks about his boy Justin Verlander and his Juiced Ball comments. HR Derby and MLB All-Star game. By the way who needs the Espy's.

Jul 8, 2019

Bonsanto Wilson Show 23: Sports Media isn’t easy, Mark’s notes and more

Bonsanto Wilson Show 23: In this jam packed episode from Las Vegas, Nick Bonsanto and Mark "The Man" Wilson talk about being members of the sports media and it's not always glamorous as some would think, It actually gets confrontational at times. They roll out the classic Lee Elia rant (caution this is unedited). They also take a look at Mark's Notes and some Media Riff Raff

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